Santa Cruz Plant Trail

The Santa Cruz community association, Uchb’enka K’in Ahaw Association (UKAA), has partnered with the University of South Florida Botanical Garden to create signage for 40 culturally significant plants with their local names and uses on an interpretive trail at an ancient Maya site in their community. Materials for a guided tour of the community plant trail at the Uxb’enka archaeological site in Santa Cruz, Toledo will be available for students, radio listeners, and other visitors. The plant trail serves as a valuable resource for teachers using the TEACHA curriculum lessons.

Toledo Radio

Radio broadcasts on a local radio station, Ak’ Kutan Radio at the Tumul K’in Center of Learning, feature a call-in show for discussion about the cultural importance of local plants and heritage knowledge. Mr. Aurelio Sho, the station manager, has supported TEACHA’s efforts. Maya children and youth who have participated in the project thus far enjoy seeing, hearing, and learning in a different context as they also encounter new knowledge. This project supports the dynamic nature of cultural and environmental heritage by promoting sharing, discussion, collaboration, and experiential learning.